crossing cultures: a place of formation

Those of us who choose a life in ministry do so, perhaps, because we believe in the life-changing power of people encountering Jesus. It might come as a surprise to us that our ministry location becomes our own place of  transformation! Through the process of engaging different cultures, working alongside those who are very different from ourselves, and even experiencing disappointments and challenges, we have the opportunity to become more fully ourselves as we get to know God more deeply. The inner journey can become the most thrilling adventure possible for every disciple-maker!

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We're Tim & Miranda

We have been working cross-culturally for more than 25 years. Our own experience of living in different cultures, team-building for effective ministry and raising a family overseas have given us a passion to see others thrive, not just survive.  We offer spiritual direction, debriefing and leadership development and we are committed to Christian life that is holistic and healthy. 

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it's almost time to head to the hills!

Place of Springs ministry teams up with YWAM Seamill to offer special times of guided spiritual reflection, paired with mountain walks and wild camping. If you have heard of these fantastic events and have wondered about joining us, then 9-15 June is your next opportunity.

Please use the Contact Form to express your interest and to request further information. We look forward to hearing from you!


Place of springs ministry house

a special place created with you in mind

Our work helps Christians working cross-culturally be fruitful over the long haul, by training them to draw deeply from God in the midst of challenging situations. As well as being available online, we have created a space in southern Spain for people to meet with God, so they can be renewed for further ministry effectiveness. Contact us to request information about spiritual direction, personal or team debriefing, and leadership development. 

for you: guided debrief

When you go to the 'For You' tab in the menu options, you will see that at Place of Springs we offer in-person support in the form of guided debriefs, spiritual retreats and spiritual direction. We also offer all of those things online, in case you are unable to come and stay at this point. Our online offerings include guided debriefing and spiritual direction, as well as plenty of resources to support your spiritual life while you are on the field. You can find devotions, retreat guides that help you set up a retreat for your team or group, as well as ways to take a time of personal spiritual retreat in your own home. Check out the links to our social media platforms at the bottom of this page and, if there is something you need and you can't find it, please reach out. We're here to help.

This video was recorded by a couple working cross-culturally who came for a residential debrief. We hope it gives you some idea of what you might expect from a guided debrief with us. If you have any questions or want to book your own debriefing, please get in touch!


working in a challenging context? What do you need?

It takes resilience to serve God in places that might feel spiritually and relationally dry, or physically and culturally challenging. At different times in your ministry journey, your needs will be different. Our goal is to meet you at your point of need, offering enough of the right kind of support for you to be renewed and empowered for life-giving ministry where you are.

walking a prayer labyrinth

Every year on the first Saturday in May thousands of people around the globe participate in World Labyrinth Day. In myriad locations, people walk a prayer labyrinth as a moving meditation, in celebration of the labyrinth experience and as an expression of desire for world peace.

The prayer labyrinth has North African connections! The earliest known example of the labyrinth being used for Christian prayer or meditation is from a fourth-century pavement at the Basilica of St Reparatus, at Orleansville, Algeria. Although it is unclear how it might have been used in worship, it has the words "Sancta Eclesia" at the centre. 

Whether you are a labyrinth aficionado or new to this form of prayer, discover more about walking a prayer labyrinth by watching this video from Tim.

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