Anne* is from the USA and lives in a busy university city in North Africa. She has built many friendships with local women, several of whom are students at the university. She rents an apartment where she runs a prayer room. Friends often spend time with her there, and she has many opportunities to disciple young believers and to share her faith with those who do not yet know Jesus. 

Living in a busy city, Anne has few opportunities for solitude and rest. By enjoying a spiritual retreat at The Place of Springs, Anne will be renewed in ways that make it possible for her to continue to invest in her young friends in her mostly muslim environment. 

Supporting Anne has a direct impact on the lives of these young North Africans, by ensuring they have someone at hand with the energy and perspective to respond to their questions about faith, to accompany them on their journey to knowing Jesus, and to offer them friendship and faithful presence along the way.

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[*names have been changed for security reasons.]