spiritual retreats

A retreat is a time to reset, to refocus on our values and priorities and maybe, in light of that, to consider making some adjustments to the way we are living life. A retreat is an opportunity to give our attention to God, to give ourselves the space to get in touch with the ways God is making God's presence known to us in our unfolding circumstances. If we are in the process of making a decision, it can offer us room for discernment, or it can be a place to lay out our doubts and uncertainties and perhaps to see them from a new perspective.

If you are anything like us, your soul is thirsty for this kind of recalibration. Beyond the endless round of life-as-we-know-it, beyond the murmurings of fear and the wonderings at the unknown - beyond all this there is an invitation from God to turn aside to be with the Divine, to allow God to make Love's presence known to us in ways that minister to our souls.

Place of Springs is available for individuals looking for retreat time of between one and five days. During these times, we can be available to offer guidance for your processing, or spiritual direction. At times, we will also advertise guided retreats for groups. Contact us for more information.

creative retreats

One of the things Miranda loves to facilitate, for individuals or for groups, is a guided art-making process. Engaging in creativity can bring us to places of awareness that elude us when we are trying to 'think things through'. Painting, working with clay, mask-making, poetry writing ... any creative activity can be harnessed in such a way that helps us express things we do not yet have words for. 

Look out for our regular creative retreat days called 'Selah Saturdays', or for guided art retreats; and you don't have to be an 'artist' to participate!


Maybe you have taken a retreat before, travelling to a church or retreat centre and participating in a structured retreat time facilitated by others. Or perhaps you’ve often thought of doing such a thing and just never managed to carve out the time. While these opportunities can be extremely helpful, some of us have neither the resources for nor the availability of these sorts of retreat. So we asked ourselves, what sort of retreat might be possible within the ordinariness of our own homes?

We came up with 5 steps to help you create your own retreat space wherever we are in the world. This resource is offered in pdf format, to permit you to download and save or print it, to encourage you to take time with your retreat preparations.

Please complete the contact form, requesting the 'Retreat at Home' resource and we will send it to you by email! 

retreat designs for download

We are now offering you the opportunity to download a complete retreat design on different themes. Our retreat designs have each been tested in person to great effect, with groups of 10-12 people. You may use the design individually or with a group you invite to gather in your location. Using creative processing, you are invited to reflect on what each theme means in your life currently. There is a guided group meditation or reading to begin, along with a number of creative stations which can be done individually in any order. When we have hosted these particular retreats, we have allowed 5 hours, which includes an hour for lunch at the end. Around the table, we shared a delicious meal and rich conversation as we entered more deeply into the ways God has met us. Perhaps this is something you could try in your community too! Use the payment button below. The retreat design will be sent to you by email on receipt of payment.

  • nourishment

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  • wait with expectation

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  • cracked open

    to love

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  • people of the earth

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  • receive my rest

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designs to download

Each entire retreat design is available as a pdf file. This includes guides to all the activities, with instructions on what additional resources you might require at each station.

The cost of each retreat design is just £10. Please make your payment via PayPal and include the reference to the particular theme you desire along with your email address. The pdf of the retreat design will then be sent to you by email.

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