the shape of ministry

The Place of Springs ministry house is an opportunity to expand the work we have already been doing for several years, and all our relational connections will continue to offer strength and support to this exciting new venture. While the ministry house is owned privately by us, Place of Springs is a registered charitable association. This is how it fits into the overall picture of our current ministry relationships:

  • Our sending 'scaffolding' is provided by Church Mission Society whose vision places a special emphasis on discipleship, or what we also call Christian Formation. We have been mission partners with CMS for almost a decade.
  • We have worked with Youth With A Mission since 1998 and the last 9 years here in Spain. We connect relationally with those working in North African nations as well as with YWAM around the world.
  • We have a special sense of calling to support those who give their lives to work in challenging contexts, the primary one being the region of North Africa. This sense of calling is an engine for much of our work.
  • We have an Advisory Group that supports us in our decision-making and to whom we will be accountable. This group meets monthly and includes those with experience of both CMS and YWAM, as well as first-hand experience of living and working in Europe and North Africa.
  • We seen the Place of Springs as an expression of the Centre for Christian Formation & Discipleship, which is part of YWAM's University of the Nations and with whom Miranda has worked for several years. The Centre is a rich place of learning and input around creating helpful environments for Christian formation.
  • Other partnerships that will continue to benefit our work at The Place of Springs include: YWAM's Leadership Development Course and Spiritual Direction Circle; Debriefing training and supervision from Le Rucher; Mountain Pilgrims inspiration for contemplative mountain encounters.

place of springs partners

Over the years, we have worked alongside many different partners and continue to team up with other agencies. 

These have kindly allowed us to mention them here, to let you know that if they can trust Place of Springs, well, then you can too!

  • Youth With A Mission

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  • church mission society

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  • centre for christian formation & discipleship

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  • evangelical spiritual directors association

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  • le rucher ministries

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  • leadership development

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what mission leaders say

Stephe Mayers writes: "Tim and Miranda have a wealth of gifting to invest in a project like this. Their involvement with YWAM has included establishing ministries in communication, leadership development, spiritual direction, area leadership in North Africa and so much more. They are both bursting with creativity in shaping outward environments but also in exploring new ways of developing inner life growth. These gifts come together in the creation of retreats and their skills of presenting and articulating lessons for growth on our journey. 

"This couple have the opportunity of investing so much in the emerging leaders of our time as this centre is established and we endorse them wholeheartedly for the adventure ahead."

Since 1993, Stephe and his wife, Rite, have focused on leadership development (Stephe earned his master's degree in Leadership Studies at Azusa Pacific University). They helped establish the 6 week Leadership Development Course that has been multiplied all around the world. In 2006, they moved to Spain to pioneer a leadership retreat centre. Stephe continues to be a key developer of leaders in YWAM Europe and beyond.