pilgrimage & encounter

A pilgrimage is a journey of spiritual significance, in which an outward physical journey parallels an inner spiritual one. The notion of pilgrimage is at the heart of a Wilderness Encounter, the mountain retreats we offer. We are planning to host 3 or 4 Wilderness Encounters in the coming year. This will include one in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, one in the Sierra de las Nieves here in Spain, and one or two in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. (Check back for information as it becomes available, or complete a contact form requesting to be added to our email updates.)

In the video below, Tim recounts an experience during his week-long Mountain Leader assessment. This story of navigating at night offers an example of the way a physical journey might reveal to us some spiritual reality. In this case, staying true to his compass bearing while leading people on a night-time hike became a powerful reminder to Tim of how it can feel to navigate our way through life when we see only a few steps ahead. The key lesson is to stay true to the bearing, or direction, we received when things felt clearer. This is certainly significant for us as we continue to trust God for the provision necessary to purchase the ministry property known as the Place of Springs!