Health & Fitness

I absolutely love keeping my body fit and healthy. I consider this part of a formational approach

to life and not separate from my spirituality or life of faith. Jesus said that he came

to the world to give us life ‘in all its fulness.’ What does this mean for my life in my body? 

As Ruth Haley Barton said, my body is the only place I meet with God!

ways to get the support

you need

Join my Facebook page, a place where I share encouragement, tips and motivation, often in the form of short video posts. My desire is that the page becomes a place of connection and community for people who, like me, are on a journey with their health and fitness.

Join a Challenge Group, a virtual group that usually lasts for a calendar month, designed to help you focus on your health or fitness goals and offer support and encouragement. If you are part of a Challenge Group, you can get access to a tracker app as a way to log your activity and lean into the accountability and motivation of the group. Participation in Challenge Groups and use of the tracker app is free.

Join Beachbody with me as your coach. There are many companies out there, offering fitness-related products and it’s hard to know which ones really deliver on their promises. I became a coach with Beachbody because I use their fitness and nutrition programs and supplements and I know they work! While I am not a certified physical trainer or a nutritionist, I can help guide you towards the best products for you and help you get the most out of them. Costs vary depending on the type of subscription you choose.

I offer spiritual direction with a particular focus on being in your body with joy. Most of us have a complicated relationship with our own bodies; this 12 week course of 5 direction sessions is designed to help you reflect on the ways God is with you in your life in your body. Discover more about what He might be inviting you to consider or experience in your physical life. This course costs €120.

Finally, this September I am offering a health and fitness retreat in a beautiful location here in southern Spain. This will be an opportunity to have a wonderful break at the same time as participating in fitness activities, and learning more about making healthy choices part of your lifestyle.