letter from a directee

Dear Miranda

I wanted to thank you for a remarkable journey together. Our journey coincided with a time of significant change in my life. Due to chronic illness, for nearly two decades my desire had been to escape from my own physical body. This has shifted deeply and profoundly. 

I see now that I am a unity - my body is part of that unity; without my body I would not be me. God presented Himself to the world in a body, and it is the only way I can present myself to the world I am part of. I am embracing this process of integration, even relishing it!

The work you are doing is a treasure to the Body of Christ. It is something that has to be experienced as part of a journey into greater wholeness. Thank you for all the wisdom and heart you have brought to this part of my story.

What others have said

I offer these testimonials as a way for you to catch a glimpse of what has been important to others in their participation in spiritual direction, retreats, debriefing and training. I hope it helps you feel more comfortable about getting in touch!

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